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What’s Inspiring Us: January Edition

When the sun disappears for days at a time, we find ourselves searching for brightness everywhere—anywhere—else. This month we’ve been busy working on our first collection of fine art under the Upper Notch Studio umbrella. Despite the weather, the world is…

How to Give a Great Wedding Toast, Part 2

Cue the “Wedding March”! You’re back for more. In the first part of our post on How to Give a Great Wedding Toast, we talked about how to shape your thoughts and memories into a memorable, meaningful wedding speech. Once you’ve…

How to Give a Great Wedding Toast, Part 1

Once again we find ourselves at the height of wedding season. And for anyone—like me—whose brother, sister, child, or friend is making their vows in the near future, it means the prospect of a giving a wedding speech is on the horizon….

What’s in a Name?

Our site is finally up and running! For anyone curious about the origin of the Upper Notch name, here’s the quick scoop. Jacqueline and I grew up on Notch Road. Our house, where our parents still live today, is at the…

In Search of Wedding Invite Inspiration? Think Architecturally

So despite the thousands upon thousands of designs on sites like Minted and countless Pinterest searches, you can’t seem to find a wedding invitation you like. Sure, some couples do have the rare singular vision for how they want to announce the occasion (boat anchors?…

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows: Say What You Mean to Say

Writing your own wedding vows is no small undertaking. Love is such a crazy, abstract thing to put into words–not to mention the pressure of stringing your thoughts together and delivering them, eloquently, in front of dozens, sometimes hundreds of people….

What We Can Learn from a Four-Year-Old About Graphic Design

One of my all-time favorite pieces of typography is a poster that my sister Danielle made when she was four. Ever the entrepreneur, she had set up shop on a railroad tie along our road (Notch Road, of course) selling rocks painted with…

“Schatz Images: 25 Years” Earns High Photography Praise

Internationally acclaimed photographer Howard Schatz released a spectacular collection of images earlier this year, called Schatz Images: 25 Years. The beautifully designed two-book box set (published by Glitterati) has received glowing reviews from fans of Schatz’s work and industry organizations, including the International…